What is an Unanchor Self-Guided Tour Itinerary?

You're the tour guide!

  1. Prioritized Sights


    • There are many places to go and many places to see, as an itinerary writer, your job is to narrow that selection down to the best possible list given the amount of time the traveler has.
  2. Maps & Directions
    • Pretend this is the travelers first time to the city. Provide specific walking directions, instructions to the taxi driver, which bus numbers to take, how to transfer at subways, etc.
    • If the directions involve walking, a map should be provided. Please use the Unanchor Map Builder to easily create maps for your itinerary.
  3. Insider Information
    • If you’re telling someone to go to a part of town –


      • Why do you recommend it?
      • Why is it famous?
      • What should they see within that section?
      • What are the best stores, attractions and activities?
    • Show off your local knowledge by recommending amazing restaurants. Where do the locals eat? What is the local specialty food that the traveler should try?
    • Try to avoid simply making a list of things (hotels, restaurants, sights, tours, etc…). If you're going to make a list, make sure it's a prioritized list. Also, provide more information. Make sure to say whether you recommend or don’t recommend each item.
    • Lastly, don't forget tips to save money -- travelers love those!