By Todd, 13 December, 2020

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

This quote is so true! A photo can provide more than words often can: Am I in the correct location? I want to go there! I want to see that! I want to eat/drink/smell/do/etc that!

Where to get photos: We prefer you to use your own, or your friends (with their permission of course!). If you're having trouble getting photos, you can use Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensed images allowed for commercial use. A couple of websites to find these images are Pixabay and Unsplash.

What kinds of photos: Store fronts or landmarks along the way are especially helpful in identifying the correct location. Close ups of specific items can entice excitement or point out details. Landscape views can be good to give a general overview or provide labels pointing out specific locations.

Photo Sizes: Photos need to be appropriately sized for publication, which will mean a minimum of 1600 pixels wide for normal images.  If it's a critical image, such as a feature or cover image, then an image size of 3000 pixels are recommended.

High quality photos: Use common sense and basic editing if needed.

  • The horizon should be well, horizontal, not diagonal!
  • The image should be sharp and not blurry.
  • Dark images are difficult to see.
  • Keep the sun behind you.
  • Blue sky days are usally better than cloudy/dreary days.

Learn how to take good photos fast:

(The rule of thirds is a favorite and a simple quick way to make any photo look better.)