Activity Details: Title, Address, Duration, & Cost

By Todd, 13 December, 2020

NOTE: Everything must be fully filled in for all sections.


The name of location, activity, or a very brief description.

Examples: Grand Canyon, Explore Main Street, Lunch at Luna Cafe


An exact address is always preferred, but an intersection and/or GPS coordinates are also acceptable. If the location covers a larger area, enter the starting point as the address/intersection.

Attraction Type

Select the most applicable type. Try to avoid using Other unless absolutely necessary.


To and From time is entered in a 24-hour format. For example, 1:30pm should be entered as 13:30.

There should be NO gaps in times throughout the day. Build in buffer time as needed, especially helpful for transportation that doesn't always run on time. Also, if needed, you may add in a rest period but be sure it's added as an activity and always explain what/why. For example, returning to a hotel to prepare for dinner and evening activities.

The last From time you can enter in a day is 23:55 (11:55pm). Our system doesn't play nice with times past midnight. If you're activity does go after midnight, that's totally fine, just enter 23:55 then explain in the description how long you anticipate or recommend the activity to last.


Always enter a cost, even if it's free (0.00). The cost should be in the local currency, which you designated in the About the Itinerary section at the very beginning. If you'd like to mention how much it is approximately in USD or another currency within the descripiton, that's totally fine.