Activity Descriptions

By Todd, 13 December, 2020


Provide a little overview or background on the activity. Why is this a place they should not miss?

Length: Keep paragraphs short. Break longer paragraphs up and provide headings as needed. It should be easy to quickly skim the section and get an idea of what's going on.

Hours/Closings: If a place is closed on a certain day(s), be sure to mention it! Also, include an alternate activity in case someone is using your itinerary on a day the place is closed. If you absolutely can't provide an alternate, instruct the person to move on to the next activity.

Photos: Try to include at least one photo. It helps build excitement and show visitors what to expect.

Shopping/Markets: While markets and shopping areas can be super fun to explore on your own, shopping is not for everyone so try to be as specific as possible and mention stores/stalls that should not be missed and where to find them. Imagine guiding a friend/family through the place and what you would point out to them and tell them. People that want to explore on their own will do so anyway, so we want to provide specifics for the people less likely to explore but who are still curious.

High Priced Activities: Generally not our target market, unless for example, you are giving very specific details on how to explore a theme park. If you still want to recommend a high priced activity, no problem - mention it in the Appendix. If you aboslutely must include a high priced activity, also provide an alternative cheaper activity (this is an especially good idea with restaurants).

Local Knowledge: If you have specific knowledge or a secret about the location, here is the format to use to include your local's tip --

Local’s tip: Super secret awesome local knowledge or fun fact.

Your Local's tip shouldn't be a long paragraph. Something brief is perfect as it will be more eye catching. Examples: By going early in the day, you miss all the crowds. If you buy online ahead of time, you will save $X. If you look around the corner, there's a cool hidden painting that most people miss.