About the Itinerary

By Todd, 13 December, 2020

The Itinerary Details tab is all about your itinerary: title, price, description, cover image. This is likely a section to do last as it is a summary of everything you just created.

The best titles include the location, the length of the itinerary (ex: 3-day, weekend, etc), and something about the itinerary like a theme (ex: Highlights, On a Budget, Adventure, Historical, James Bond, Best of, First Timer’s, The Local’s View, etc).

Itinerary Image
Make sure you've included an Itinerary Image. This photo will be used to represent and promote your itinerary on the Unanchor blogAmazon Kindle book cover, and social media. It needs to be a high quality sharp image. Minimum dimensions are 2000x2000. If you don't have one, here are some free places to look online for high quality images: UnsplashPixabayPexels.

Note: Keep in mind that white text will likely be placed on top of the image so something that's not too busy at the very top and bottom would be super helpful for our cover designer to work with. Take a look at Unanchor.com to get an idea of what kind of cover images look good and would work well.

Itinerary Currency
This is the local currency (USD, EUR, etc) for the location you are creating an itinerary for. Use whatever is the most commonly used currency, in some special cases this may not be the local currency (ask us if you're not sure). All of the prices you enter throughout your itinerary should be in the local currency.

This is the cost of your itinerary. This number should always be in USD, even if the rest of your itinerary is listing activities in a different currency.

Ultimately the pricing is up to you. We’ve found that the sweet spot for us is between $4.99 - $9.99. If it's a good itinerary, we like to price it above $4.99, as we believe travelers are price insensitive between those two price points.

Note: You can always change the price at a later time as well and experiment with it. If you're truly stuck or in a competitive location, contact us and we'll do our best to provide our advice.

Image Caption
Self explanatory. This caption will appear under the itinerary image on the first page of the published guide.

Itinerary City
Self explanatory. If you're having trouble finding your location, contact us and we can make a suggestion or add the location if absolutely necessary.

This is likely the most important section of your itinerary as it is all a potential buyer will see to decide whether to purchase your itinerary or not. The more you can share to make them feel good about their purchase and what they're getting, the better. One paragraph with just a couple sentences is likely NOT enough.

Here are some points to keep in mind when writing the description:

  • What type of traveler you wrote the itinerary for? (Age, interests, type of budget, how much walking they'll have to do)
  • What's the general theme of the itinerary? What kinds of places will they be visiting?
  • What places will they get to see that typical guidebooks would not recommend but as an expert you know about?
  • Try to put yourself in the traveler's shoes, what information do they need to know to understand how helpful your itinerary is going to be?
  • Perhaps the most important: Remember that this is the only page that travelers will have to learn about your itinerary and decide if they want to purchase it.

As an example, here's a description for a Paris itinerary -- https://www.unanchor.com/products/the-best-of-paris-in-one-day