The Appendix: What to Include

By Todd, 13 December, 2020

The Appendix is a great place to provide more info like culture, logistics, and additional activities that do not fit elsewhere within the itinerary.

Here are some recommendations:

Brief Overview

Possible information to include: An overview and brief history of the location. Best time of year to go.

Before you go

Possible information to include: If there are things that need to be booked in advance of going to the destination, they should be included here. For example: if you recommend going to a show during your itinerary or if a particular activity needs to be reserved in advance.

Write about the climate and seasonal changes in your itinerary. Itineraries purchased on Unanchor are used by tourists at various times of the year. It's good to give an overview and any words of wisdom for any particular season, for example in London, during the peak of winter (i.e. during the Christmas period) it gets dark at 4:30pm so you're better off starting the itinerary early in the morning to make the most of daylight hours.

Money – ATMs, credit cards & the currency

Possible information to include: Information about the currency local, ATM availablility, ATM tips, credit card information.

Finance is important to all of us, and everyone has a different budget when traveling. Be sure to provide advice on the best way to handle money in your city, how ATMs work, whether they should exchange money before traveling there or after arriving, etc. If you know any places that can exchange money at good rates, be sure to include it.


Possible information to include: Information about local customs to be respectful. Scams to look out for and other safety tips. Is it safe to drink the water? What is considered appropriate clothing to wear or not wear.

Touch on any interesting or peculiar cultural aspects of the city you are writing about. These insider tips can often be crucial to making a tourists visit easier, and less awkward. A perfect example of an interesting behaviour in London is how people travel on escalators when using underground trains. When you use the escalators, if you want to stand still and let the escalator carry you, you need to stand on the right. This allows others who want to climb the escalator (or descend it when going down) to overtake on the left. This is a policy that only Londoners will know, but is a tip that can prevent being yelled at, and ensure tourists have a much more comfortable experience when using the underground escalators.

Useful local phrases

Possible information to include: If traveling to a country where the primary language spoken isn’t English, providing the Romanization of common phrases is very helpful.

If the city you are writing about has a language other than English, cover some common words and phrases that would come in handy as tourism vocabulary. I would recommend to cover at least the following with a few phrases each: Toilet, Hotel, Bus, Food, Price, Airport.

Getting into the city

Possible information to include: How to get into the city from the airport, how to get around the city from bus or train station.

Transportation tips

Possible information to include: Public transportation information & cost, subway maps, advice on multi-day or tourist passes, taxi information and advice.

Make sure you provide information about general transport around the city. Giving numerous options and pointing out any do's and don't's makes things flexible for the traveler and allows them to choose methods that suit their needs. Transport is a crucial part of traveling, so the more information you can provide, the better the itinerary becomes.


Possible information to include: Recommendations on areas to stay in the city, specific hotel, hostel, and guesthouse recommendations or other general hotel advice.


Possible information to include: Information about customs in restaurants, specific dish recommendations, food warnings, a website where many restaurant reviews can be found or other general restaurant advice. Specific restaurant recommendations should be provided in the actual itinerary.


Possible information to include: Good areas of town for nightlife, specific drinks the destination is well known for, nightlife activities that the destination is well known for.

Other places to see

Possible information to include: If there are places that didn’t make it into the itinerary that you would like to mention this is a good place for those, recommendations on other places to those staying longer than your itinerary length, daytrip recommendations. Events, festivals, etc.

Random tips

Possible information to include: Tips that didn’t fit anywhere else in the itinerary.

Additional websites for information

Possible information to include: Official tourist websites, public transportation websites, and other helpful websites for things to do at the destination.